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Clone of Preparing for the 48 Hours Film Competition

  • Posted on: 25 July 2016
  • By: mhu
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Learn to make a movie in the form of a short film, documentary, advertisement or music video. If you are creative, love films, willing to learn and study what makes the best shots we will discover the basics of film making together. We could even make an online reality television show; the possibilities are endless.

Learn what makes a movie, by studying specific genres and filming conventions. You will look indepth at the skills of filmmakers who have refined their craft to portrait genre and narrative. We will look at scripts to gain meaning and determine narrative. You will critic cinematography, editing, sound, lighting and music. If you are a filmmaker this course should improve your own knowledge and skills.

You will also learn about the roles in the pre-production, post-production and of course could have a possible acting role so we can film during school hours. There will possibly be after school and weekend film shoots to make our film as authentic as possible and of course the National 48 Hours Film Festival where Peter Jackson views every film made to choose his wild card entries every year is held over an entire weekend.

Credits in this class are based on how much of a role a student plays in the planning and the completion of the film being made. The actual outcome of this class is that ALL students will learn at least one of the skills needed for the actual production of a movie. Let’s do it.

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