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completing a body of work and exhibiting in a public space

  • Posted on: 30 June 2016
  • By: HollyRamsay
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This is a multi level course that best suits students working at year 12 and 13. You need to consider at least one mentoring slot a week to support this course.

Exhibiting in a public space – you will be able to exhibit you work along with others in June at The Christchurch City Council Buildings for one week and also be able to exhibit within the school community on the display boards and online.

We will be continuing with individual folio development. Your body of work will be based around a theme of your choice. You will be working in one or two of the following fields of practice - painting, printing, design, sculpture (photography is offered in as a separate course in another colour block). The focus of this term is to generate work in related series that show evidence of established practice. You need to have your own materials such as brushes, workbooks, oil paints so you can work outside of class times as homework of 2.5 hours min. is essential. Students who do not want to submit for NCEA are welcome to work on their own projects however the class process will be goal centered. For level three students scholarship is available by negotiation. There will be opportunities to display your work in a public setting. You will set and review your goal setting at weekly critiques.

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