My Project PINs

  • Posted on: 21 June 2016
  • By: libbyboyd

For this Term 2 PINs option, children were asked to bring a project to the Maker Space to work on and hopefully complete. Libby and Jason were there to support the children with their projects and had available a whole range of tools and materials at the disposal of the kids.
We were lucky to have some parents to help too and Adam stayed the whole 3 days to help some boys with a go-kart they were repairing.

The original projects were:
A box troll
A house with furniture
A 3D skull and Crossbones
A go-kart
A Windmill
Some lego creations
A Solar System
A Mouse House
A Dinosaur, some armour and a bow and arrow
A Guitar
A C3PO Robot
A Toy Cat House

Most of the children worked amazingly well to complete their projects, with many moving on to start and finish other projects as well. Some of the kids changed their plans after they saw what other people were doing and we ended ups making 4 guitars!
I enjoyed running this PINs with Jason and was impressed with the focus and skills of the children in the PINs.

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