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Algebra level 1

  • Posted on: 21 June 2016
  • By: louisewilson
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For the whole of term 3 we will be studying towards the external algebra paper.
The exam is on the 13th or 15th of September

Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems

Apply algebraic procedures involves:
• selecting and using procedures in solving problems
• demonstrating knowledge of algebraic concepts and terms
• communicating solutions using appropriate mathematical symbols.

Relational thinking involves one or more of:
• selecting and carrying out a logical sequence of steps
• connecting different concepts and representations
• demonstrating understanding of concepts
• forming and using a model;
and also relating findings to a context, or communicating thinking using appropriate mathematical statements.

Extended abstract thinking involves one or more of:
• devising a strategy to investigate or solve a problem
• identifying relevant concepts in context
• developing a chain of logical reasoning, or proof
• forming a generalisation;

Achievement: Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems.

Achievement with Merit: Apply algebraic procedures, using relational thinking, in solving problems.

Achievement with Excellence: Apply algebraic procedures, using extended abstract thinking, in solving problems.

Assessment Opportunities: