2016 T2 HBRC - Gold (plus) Reading Group

  • Posted on: 14 June 2016
  • By: JasonEade

Students at this level will be reading for meaning and developing comprehension while maintaining daily personal reading.

Students will typically read with the LA twice per week, with a focus on building comprehension skills. More independant "must do" follow-up activities are introduced at this stage to enable students to build on their comprehension, and understanding of the structure of texts.

To Do List: 
Use your reading strategies independently.
Make your reading sound fluent, phrased and expressive.
Skim read to locate specific information.
Summarise in detail in own words.
Discuss difference between fact and fiction.
Point out: table of contents, index, diagrams, glossary, maps, headings, chapters.
Identify concepts such as: setting, theme, plot.
What strategies have I used? Which strategy could I try to use next time?
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