2016 Term 2 Purple Reading

  • Posted on: 14 June 2016
  • By: libbyboyd

Students reading at Purple are still developing fluency and expression, and still rely on decoding strategies frequently. Comprehension is less important at this level, but should be beginning to develop and questions about the texts help to develop this.
Student will be able to give opinions and make predictions, draw inferences, notice more print conventions and vary their voice accordingly, understand more challenging vocab, be able to summarise the text, describe the strategies they have used to decode an unknown word.

To Do List: 
Stretch through words using phonemes, when necessary, making links to meaning.
Read on ⥂ and think about what word would make sense and match.
Re-read ⥃ to self-monitor and selfcorrect (cross check)
Think critically about characters, setting, problems.
Give your options and predictions.
Make the story more interesting by noticing more print conventions and using voice inflections.
Understand more challenging vocabulary and sentence structures.
What strategies have I used? Which strategy could I try to use next time?
LA Code: