2016 Term 2 Child Led Workshops

  • Posted on: 26 May 2016
  • By: libbyboyd

Each Friday, children have an opportunity to run or join a workshop led by their peers.The workshops are varied and interesting and totally led by children on things they enjoy and want to share with others.
Not only do children run the workshop, they also have to plan it and organise the materials or equipment needed. Many parents support their children in their workshops by either helping them to organise it and/or run it on the day.
During the workshops participants are expected to be respectful and helpful to the organiser of the workshop. Once selected it is not OK for them to change their mind or leave the workshop because they are bored.
After the workshop is over, organisers have an opportunity to reflect on the learning that has occurred. They can think about what went well and what went not so well. It's an interesting process for the children and helps them think about how to be effective communicators, instructors and learners.
All children running or attending workshops are constantly practicing and using key competencies of thinking, self management, relating to others and participating and contributing. They are also expected to uphold our school values of trust, kaha, whanautanga, aroha and respect.
Child Led Workshops (CLW's) are a great way to share learning and have children take responsibility for their own and others learning. The benefits are numerous and often unexpected.

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