2016 Term 2 L & J Inspire and Share sessions

  • Posted on: 26 May 2016
  • By: libbyboyd

Each week children and LAs will have the opportunity to share with the home base something they have been inspired by.
The first few sessions will be LA led to model expectations of how to run a session and generate ideas. Sessions may, (and hopefully) will lead on to further exploration, activity and creativity, which will be determined by the session leaders and/or negotiated by groups or individuals on the spot.
It is intended the sessions will help children develop confidence, excitement about learning, ideas and inspiration to explore and discover.

Any curriculum area or achievement objective may be covered by these sessions, we will post plan which ones after each session.

We do however expect children to use and develop their key competencies and think, manage selves, participate and contribute, relate to others and use language symbols and texts.

To Do List: 
Prepare a presentation of something that you have been inspired by.
Share your presentation with the home base
Help facilitate discussion/activities/inquiry with other children.
show children how to make or do something that you have been inspired by or interested in.
Reflect on what went well and what you might change if you did the workshop again.
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