Level 2 Media Studies - Term Two (Film design and planning)

  • Posted on: 26 May 2016
  • By: richardpitts
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This term, we begin a massive project for the rest of the year - creating a short film!* We'll discuss some ideas in class and come up with initial concepts. We'll develop these concepts over the rest of the term into full planning for the making of the films, which will happen in the second half of the year. We'll look at scripts, and explore how source material can be adapted into scripts, and then into visuals. You'll adapt your own choice of material into a script, and then we'll begin the process of planning out how to turn that script into a finished product.

If you have an interest in filmmaking, and you're willing to use a combination of artistic, design and written skills, then this is the course for you :)

*There are a couple of people in the class doing the Level 3 NCEA assessments instead of the Level 2 ones, so that's an option too :)

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