Friday Workshops T2 2016 - Gardening

  • Posted on: 16 May 2016
  • By: GinaHarrison

This term on Friday's we are offering a variety of workshops.
The Gardening workshop will be run by Claire and Natalie and Gina will help out.

This term as it is colder, Natalie will be running a series of cooking workshops based on the idea of foraging.

6th May - Mothers day gifts of chocolate mints and cards using pressed flowers to print.
Emma - this was great apart from some chocolate ceasing up - could do this again another time. Dipping mint leaves in melted chocolate.

13th May
Pesto making with Natalie. Walnuts with delicious things in it.

Plant Broadbeans, Peas and Green Manure Crops.
Why do we do this? About Green Manure Crops and basic intro to nitrogen fixing legumes. How to plant a pea seed, and broadbean - basic measuring
Ladybirds are attracted to broadbeans- what are they? why do we like them?

20th May
Worm farm, taking the worm juice and fertilising our garden - mainly fruit trees and garden beds. Measuring and diluting.
What are worms? What do worms do? Why do we like them?

27th May
Check our broad beans, peas and Manure Crops for growth. What can we see?
Pot up seedlings of herbs from the garden to give away or sell for garden fundraising.
Take cuttings - What is a cutting? How to take a cutting.

3rd June
Digging over the bed to plant garlic, weed, dig in some worm castings and compost
What is garlic? What is a bulb? What do bulbs do?

IF TIME (otherwise pop this idea into next weeks gardening)
Start off Mircogreens in containers. What do plants need to grow? - water, light etc
Maybe we do some experiments with no water, salty water, sugar water etc, no light, put in sand or other ideas the kids have.

10th June
Emma is back I think ;-)
Mircogreens - start off new set of greens, and check the previous weeks greens and see if they have grown or not grown. What do plants like and need to grow?
Measure and record growth.

17th June
What is the shortest day? What does this mean? What are seasons and why do they happen?
Matariki and the stars
Plant out our garlic bulbs, measure out the seed garlic. How deep? How far apart?
Plant more micro greens for Matariki and check out how the micro greens are going.

24th June
Matariki at Discovery
Make and Create for the Matariki celebrations
Make a salad of mircogreens for dinner, to share with everyone, flax weaving decorations
Harvest some lettuce, herbs and other things to help cook with.

1st July
Planting Tussocks on the mound?
Moving river stones?
Tie up beans, peas and other garden things - weeding, digging over beds, other jobs there is always things to do!.

To Do List: 
Find out how to look after plants
Feed the worms
Feed the plants using the worm poo and worm wee
Plant Garlic and Broadbeans
Make a cart to sell things at the gate
Learn how to make sauces from fruit
Find out what plants are in our school garden and which ones we can and can't eat
Learn what we can make with products from our garden
Learn how to grow microgreens
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