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emailing updates

Another crazy idea!

Would it be possible to... email everyone in a student's contact details alerting them to the fact that a 'post' or 'one to one' has been generated about the student.

I'm thinking predominantly about the scenario here. For LAs to keep on top of reading anything kids or parents are creating they have to either browse every students blog or expect the parent/kid to email them a link to it.

I think it would work nicely in reverse too. If a 'one to one' or 'post' has been created by an LA, the parent could be notified by email to read the post etc. I think they can then comment at that point when they are back in the post.

It feels really daunting as an LA to have to read through all of the blogs each week. If you got an email directing you to the post that would be super helpful and it would start to give you a feel about who never creates posts.

What do you think? Easy?