On The Farm - HB Ruru Term 2 2016 Inquiry

  • Posted on: 9 May 2016
  • By: GinaHarrison

This term HB Ruru are going to be learning about Farms. HB Ruru has showed an interest in animals and also machinery.

We will be learning about why we need farms and what products they produce. We will also be visiting a few different types of farms.

We will be following the storyline process where we create a model farm in our HB to show how our ideas are developing. We will also be including our storytelling process to write a story about a farm. During this we will start off telling and writing the story of "Mrs Wishy Washy's Farm" by Joy Cowley.

We will be tying statistics into our inquiry by including sorting and graphing of animals and crops.

To Do List: 
Draw what I think is on a farm
Design and create an environment that my farm animal will be in
Find information about my chosen animal
List what my animal needs to survive
Draw conclusions about why we need farms and how they function in an economic environment
Tell, plan and write the Mrs Wishy Washy story
Sort animals and create a graph of them/their products
Visit a farm of my choice - horses, Alpacas or chickens
Design and create a machine for our farm
Plan and write a story explaining where our horses have gone
In groups, use the MRS GREN matrix to find out aspects about our animal
Create a pastel picture of farmland
Use Andy Warhol's style to create a piece of art based on a farm animal.
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