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2022 Term 4: Climate change reports: Writing/Science/Social Science Program for Level 1 and 2. Week 1-5

  • Posted on: 8 November 2022
  • By: MelvaGill

In workshops, students will create planned reports for creating reports that respond to their learning about Climate Change and ways they can impact the world positively.

They will look at historical reasons for climate change and the science beyond this event/events.

They will develop skills in
1) Using planning scaffolds i.e hamburger/report scaffolds.
2) Creating compound and complex sentences.
3) Using the correct punctuation and using punctuation for effect including commas, and brackets.
4) Creating paragraphs that express a single idea and paragraphs that link for level 2 writers.
5) Using descriptive language to 'show and not tell' i.e using word circles to build a descriptive language library.
6) Being able to accurately retell and link events.
7) Respond to critical buddy feedback effectively.

Students will participate in specific writing workshops concurrently in the HB four days a week to build these skills across the term.
Students will also participate in specific punctuation focuses in reading workshops to hone these skills as part of structure literacy.

To Do List: 
Participate in workshops and develop growing literacy skills that are reflected on and improved.
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