HB Otamahau: Term 4 Topic/Inquiry Learning Plan

  • Posted on: 25 October 2022
  • By: charis

Each term, the majority of the Topic and Inquiry programme is based on the individual interests of the children. They are able to select specific areas of interest, trips that they would like to go on related to their interests as well as weekly resources to play and engage with.
Woven into the plan are opportunities for leadership where the students can choose workshops to run based on their current interests. Play is an essential part of this learning and this is also reflected on and discussed as a HB each week.
There are also areas of learning selected by the LA and taught by different people within the school such as PE, Music, Kapa Haka, DT and Computational Thinking and Mindfulness.
Please see the detailed plan below. This plan is a working document and changes frequently to reflect the learning and planning each week that is reflected on and planned for by the tamariki.

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