Term 4 Literacy Plan

  • Posted on: 25 October 2022
  • By: charis

Our HB Literacy programme for the Term 4 has several components.
*Daily Oral Language and Listening lessons where we unpack stories selected by the tamariki.

*Daily Structured Literacy groups where we create strong connections between oral and auditory language and it's written counterparts. Each lesson offers opportunity for review of previously learnt material, acquisition of new knowledge, practicing of skills for both encoding and decoding of letter/sounds that are being worked on within the ākonga's current stage, and reflection of skills already learnt. We are currently using Liz Kane's Little Literacy Resources as well has the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness programme to supporting our teaching and learning of Structured Literacy. Each of the students are grouped through assessment that focuses on developing specific skills based on phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, reading fluency and spelling. These groups explicitly teach these skills alongside handwriting and letter formation.

*Bi-weekly Structured Writing Lessons that unpack and learn and write about "Room on the Broom". We use the Colourful Semantics visual aids to unpack sentence composition, sentence structure, punctuation and word knowledge that is derived from The Writing Revolution Framework. We also use the Storytelling framework to support the development of oral language, vocabulary and working memory.

*A link to technology where students complete phonics activities related to their SL groups using Seesaw as well as listening comprehension activities and the Word Chain app for students beyond Stage 1.

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