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Photo Art

  • Posted on: 21 September 2022
  • By: BethanyManders
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In this course, you'll learn to combine digital art with photography. We'll start by learning a bit about photography, and then we'll use that knowledge to take our own photos before going to town on them with some digital design!

This course will require a commitment to tasks that require concentration and the willingness to figure out how to proceed if you encounter an issue you haven't met before! If you are successful, this course will equip you with some basic Photoshop skills.

In this course, we will be using Google Classroom quite heavily, and you will need a high level of literacy to access our tasks. Alongside this, there will be lots of tasks that we chip away at individually, so the ability to manage yourself and be diligent with your tasks is essential.

If you have a computer of your own, please bring this along as it will be helpful for your projects.