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2022 term 2 maths stage 3p-3A: moving from Counting All to Advanced Counting

  • Posted on: 9 August 2022
  • By: MelFisk

We will be using a range of counting, grouping and equal sharing strategies with whole numbers, developing strategies to add and subtract. We are also working to develop number knowledge around place value, focusing on the number of 10's within decades and how many tens and ones are in a specific number. We will also be looking at multiplication, as repeated addition and as arrays (a pictorial depiction of a multiplication equation.)

KEY IDEAS we are working on
- numbers can be added by counting on from the largest number in increments of 1
- numbers can be subtracted by counting back from the largest number in increments of 1
- objects can be counted by creating bundles of 10
- groups of 10 can be added and subtracted by using simple addition facts
- addition is commutative, so the order of the numbers can be rearranged to make counting on easier
- recall the decades that add to 100, eg; 60+40=100

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