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2022 Term 3 & 4: Healthy food- healthy body (with Life Education Harold)

  • Posted on: 3 August 2022
  • By: MelvaGill

Explore the way food is used in the body and be able to describe what healthy food. In term 4 growing our own seeds and using this as basis for report writing.

Sessions Outline:
During our sessions we will focus on:

Watching an AV about where food comes from
Use Pataka/ Harold Pantry to learn about the different groups of foods that make up a balanced diet.
Sort foods into a balanced diet
Learn about what makes foods a 'sometimes food'
Learn about how different foods help our body.
Put together a lunchbox for Harold
Play a game of food bingo
Use the farm AV and discuss which food we can see or make from the ingredients.
Discuss what a body system is
Use our onboard Body Browser to learn about the digestive system.
Complete a digestive system puzzle
Have some fun with Harold - hear some jokes, play some games and have a dance party with Harold.

Follow Up Learning:

All tamariki will receive a Life Education home learning pack.

Discussions can be continued in class around where foods come from and what they need to grow.
Planting 5 + a day seeds to go home.

To Do List: 
Participate in workshops.
LA Code: