2022 Term 3: Picture books: Writing Program for Level 1 and 2. Week 1-5

  • Posted on: 3 August 2022
  • By: MelvaGill

In workshops, students will create planned narratives for creating picture books to share.

They will develop skills in
1) Using planning scaffolds i.e hamburger/story maps scaffolds.
2) Creating compound and complex sentences.
3) Using the correct punctuation and using punctuations for effect including speech marks, commas, and brackets.
4) Creating paragraphs that express a single idea and paragraphs that link for level 2 writers.
5) Using descriptive language to 'show and not tell' i.e using word circles to build a descriptive language library.

Students will participate in specific writing workshops concurrently in the HB four days a week to build these skills across the term.
Students will also participate in specific punctuation focuses in reading workshops to hone these skills.

To Do List: 
Participate in workshops and develop growing literacy skills that are reflected on and improved.
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