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2022 term 3: Tūrangawaewae Reading Level 2 : Melva

  • Posted on: 3 August 2022
  • By: MelvaGill

We will focus on one text three times week in depth to support learning from structured lit workshops.
I will read to the children and model decoding and comprehension strategies.
We will read together out loud and discuss the text.
Finally, students will end the week with independent reading, where they apply the strategies they have learned over the week.

Children will monitor their own reading and when something is unclear, take action to solve the problem, by: rereading/predicting/ chunking sounds/ reading on. (Students will be able to identify these strategies.)

Students will also be identifying main ideas in text using page and text cues.
Students will make connections between information in the story and their prior knowledge to form and test hypotheses and make inferences.

Children will look at these types of texts across the term usually in journals but also in chosen texts in Seesaw.

To Do List: 
Uses sounding out strategies to decode unknown words
Discusses ideas about the text to show comprehension
Makes predictions about text based on knowledge of the text read so far
LA Code: