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2022 Term 3 HB Aotearoa Code Crackers Literacy

  • Posted on: 1 August 2022
  • By: SuzeKeys

This term we will continue our Structured Literacy programme as we practise phonological awareness to develop our skills in reading, spelling, punctuation, handwriting and writing in our Code Crackers Group.

We will do 3 half hour lessons per week using the Heggerties and Little Learners Love Literacy resources as well as support from our Structured Literacy experts Charis and Caroline the RTLit.

Little Learners Love Literacy® Sequence
Stages 1-6
Phonological Awareness:
Identify syllables and phonemes in words.
Identify and produce rhyme.
Segment words with adjacent consonants (consonants next to each other - CCVC, CVCC, CCVCC etc).
Manipulate phonemes (addition, deletion, and substitution) to make new words.
Identify syllables in words.

Short vowels: a i o e u.
Stages 1-6 Heart words.
Use decoding skills, knowledge of heart words and punctuation to read decodable texts and demonstrate literal comprehension.
Decode words with adjacent consonants (CVCC, CCVC, CCVCC words).
Learn the ‘extended alphabetic code’ (two letters, one sound): -
Double letters: ll ss ff
Consonant digraphs: ck sh ch th ng wh ph (plus tch).
Decode words using knowledge of Stages 1-6 phoneme grapheme correspondences =.
Decode compound and two-syllable words.
Use decoding skills, knowledge of heart words and punctuation to read decodable texts with fluency (speed, accuracy, prosody/intonation) and demonstrate literal comprehension.

Segment CVC, CCVC, CVCC and CCVCC words to spell with accuracy.
Recall taught consonant digraph PGCs including common double letters (two letters to one sound correspondence) to encode with accuracy.
Segment to spell compound and two-syllable words with accuracy.

Learn the suffix -s (when it makes no changes to the base word) in both nouns (plural words) and verbs. Making both the /s/ and /z/ sounds.

Use a tripod pencil grip to write non-joined letters.
Know the starting point and direction for each letter.
Form upper-case and lower-case letters correctly.
Improve legibility and achieve consistent sizing of letters.

Full stops (reading & writing)
Capital letters (reading & writing)
Commas (reading)
Question marks (reading & writing)
Exclamation marks (reading & writing)
Possessive apostrophe (reading & writing)

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