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Manaakitanga, Human Rights, & Taking Action

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  • Posted on: 22 June 2022
  • By: KateArmour
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We know that one of the best ways to cope with feelings of frustration and anxiety around climate change is to do something positive. During the philosophy sessions, we will examine how the ancient stoic philosophers dealt with challenging situations. They lived through some hard times and had a particular way of tackling big problems. Some of their philosophy may be useful to us. We will also discuss the arguments for and against taking climate change seriously.

Working on the reasoned assumption that we ought to take climate change seriously, we go beyond the individual and examine how we can show manaakitanga by looking after others. How can we change systems, governments and organisations to recognise the rights of humans and other species threatened by climate change? How can we achieve climate justice? One effective method is protest. Using the student strikes for Climate (SS4C), we will look at how rangatahi have been trying to bring about change. You then get the chance to work with a partner or in a small group to identify an issue, plan an action, take action and reflect on the action. Know that whatever you choose, you'll be supported to achieve something you can be proud of.

We encourage you to link the action to your life passions, and to raise awareness, educate or take direct action on climate change by, for example:

-Penning a poem;
-Biking or bussing and encouraging others to do the same;
-Composing music or a song;
-Choreographing a dance;
-Designing something to reduce emissions;
-Organising a clothing swap;
-Planting trees;
-Starting a petition;
-Writing to your MP or the paper;
-Working out at the climate action campus;
-Raising money for charity working on climate change;
-Improving Ao Tawhiti’s energy efficiency;
-Your choice

Skills: Collaboration, planning, undertaking an action, research, report writing, reflection

Note: This course runs in tandem with Zack's Green Block.

Blue Block Assessment
-91042: Report on personal involvement in a social justice and HRs action, 4 credits
-For those students part way through the literacy unit standards from Term One, we will work towards completing the reading and writing standards.

Assessment Opportunities: