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Electricity and Science Projects

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  • Posted on: 22 June 2022
  • By: MichelleVerkaaik
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In the first part of the term we will investigate electricity - how is it created, how do we use it? Can we power all the electric cars that we are buying? We will build different types of circuits and learn about the different components and what each one does.
We will have a particular emphasis on solar power - is this the solution to reducing the use of fossil fuels? Or can we solve the climate change issues with energy conservation and energy efficiency?

In the second part of the term we will learn how to conduct a scientific experiment - what do we need to consider to make this a valid and reliable experiment? Students will then have time to plan and run their own experiments. This will culminate in a poster presentation which we can display.

The google classroom code for this course is: sa5yyuo