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6NUM - Elements of Chance with Jess

  • Posted on: 22 June 2022
  • By: JessicaDewhurst
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This course is set up for students who are aiming to obtain 10 NCEA Level 1 numeracy credits. It is designed to give time to process and grasp the useful and essential concepts within Mathematics.

During Term 3 we will be exploring all things that involve elements of chance. We will learning how to set up and run statistical investigations, process data, and draw conclusions.

Chance is involved in all aspects of life but particularly in games involving drawing cards or rolling dice. What's the probability that I will roll a 6? or what is the probability that the next card I draw is a red card? We will explore these questions and more.

This course will run similarly to the way Measurement with Jess was run in Term 2. All the content for the week will be uploaded at the start of the week and you may work through at your own pace. There will be times when we come together as a class to work through some concepts.

There is AS91038 available to sit which can be counted towards your 10 numeracy credits and is worth 3 credits.

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