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Environmental Forensics

  • Posted on: 21 June 2022
  • By: SuzeLamont
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Whether you are a budding forensic scientist or a seasoned forensic investigator this course could be for you.

Have you ever watched a detective/police show or movie and thought that one day you wanted to do that?

Well here is your opportunity! In this course we will be walking through the steps to analyse a crime scene.

What are crime solving insects?
What can bones tell us about a crime?
Why is food in a victims stomach important?
What is an autopsy?
How does the body decompose?

If the above questions have sparked your interest and you have the ability to delve into the gruesome side of crime then come join me in Term 3/4 with a keen, positive attitude ready to engage in some awesome activities.

Learning Objectives:

I am able to use a range of scientific vocabulary to support my ideas.
I can demonstrate participating and contributing within a group and class setting to process and analysis evidence from a crime scene
I can explain the relevance of environmental factors when it comes to solving a crime.