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4/5 Art Term 3 - 3D Art

  • Posted on: 21 June 2022
  • By: libbyboyd
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For term 3, the focus of this class is 3D Art.

Our objectives for this class are to make 3D artworks of various sizes using different materials, including modelling clay, wire and wood, found objects and string. Who knows what we will end up doing but please understand that we will be exploring different techniques and materials to see what happens. We may do some clay work too.

Achievement objectives for the class are:
Plan your sculpture through investigation of the 3-dimensional form in a small wire maquette.

Make a 3D artwork using appropriate tools, techniques and processes and investigate surface using techniques and design learned over the previous two terms, including painting and maybe printmaking.

Select materials for your sculpture and explain why they are appropriate for your purpose.

We will be going to see 3D art at the Te Puna o Waiwhetū and in other spaces around Ōtautahi.

Students require motivation, ideas and organisation for this course. You will be expected to carefully consider your own and others work and be involved an a collaborative project. This class requires a lot of sharing of resources and cleaning up.