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The 3 L's Leadership, Leadership, Leadership

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  • Posted on: 20 June 2022
  • By: AlexMckenzie
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Leadership, Leadership, Leadership

Calling all current and aspiring coaches. In term 3 you will have the opportunity to coach junior Ao Tawhiti students in ABL activities.
You will get to know your teams, learn leadership strategies and use these strategies help them work as a united team.

- Level 3, course focuses mainly on different contemporary styles of leadership.
- Level 2, course focuses on implementing strategies to help effective group function.
- Level 2 will also continue working towards their Social Responsibility Unit, and there will be plenty of opportunities while coaching to do so.

In term 4 we are wrapping up the year:
- Level 2, we are complting the final details to your Social Responsibility Unit.
- Level 3, you will have the opportunity to identify what has motivated you to participate in physical activity to date and what strategies you can employ to continue this participation, for life long wellbeing!