567 Digital Art Advanced

  • Posted on: 20 June 2022
  • By: BethanyManders
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This course is a continuation from Terms 1 and 2. Those who wish to join in Term 3 should see Beth beforehand.

In this class you'll learn cool skills including art fundamentals, how to use a drawing tablet, how to navigate your way through industry-level art and design software, and how to create art in different styles.

In Term 3, Level 1 students will be working towards completing their portfolios. This assessment will make use of the photograph content involved with the internal that was completed in Term 2. There will be a heavy focus on design skills in this term, as we develop and complete our portfolio ideas.

Level 2 and 3 students will continue work towards their portfolios.

This class is mainly targeted at NCEA Level 6 and above. There will be the option for those working at the higher end of Level 5 of the curriculum to engage, however there will be a large amount of work and self-directed progress through courses/individualised lessons during the NCEA components of the course. Joining the class in Term 3 is unlikely to allow for assessment opportunities at any NCEA level, due to the amount of work involved. See Beth before joining if this applies to you.

This class will require attention, a keen work ethic and the willingness and patience to engage in large art projects. If you simply must be on Tik Tok and taking selfies, this isn't the class for you!