Senior Minglish - Viewing and Presenting!

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  • Posted on: 14 June 2022
  • By: richardpitts
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In this course, students will study written and visual texts closely, then choose their own assessments from within Media and English (with a focus on NCEA level 2 and 3) to complete in the latter stages of the term, dependent on where their interests lie and what levels they are most likely to achieve. A list of Media Studies standards can be found here and English standards here.

This term we'll focus on film. We'll choose a film (or films) to study closely together, and go over them super in-depth. We'll look at how the director/s use visual language techniques to create an atmosphere, we'll look at character and set design... And this may feel, at times, frustratingly slow (if you've ever wanted to watch an entire film over the course of a couple of months, you're in for a treat!)

Disclaimer 1: If you haven't yet completed any standards at level 1 in Media Studies or English, then this course is not for you! Refer to my Minglish class in Red if that's the case.

Disclaimer 2: This'll largely be a device-free class. I have pretty high expectations when it comes to engagement and respect for the learning of others. If you must be on Instagram or Tiktok during learning time, I suggest you work with your HBLA to plan out an SDL related to those activities instead! :p

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