• Posted on: 23 May 2022
  • By: JennyWard

The children discussED what is data and information and ask questions to understand the world around us and our class group. Linked to developing inquiry skills and SDL. As a whole class, What eye colour is the most common in our Homebase? This is linked to observational skills and using the correct colours in art etc. Use a mirror to develop observation skills. What part of the eye is blue? What part of the eye is white? - Aim, to develop their focus and understanding
The children draw their eyes and make a physical bar graph using their body and lines.
Reinforce by watching Watch Scratch Garden - Data collection and analysis
Children pose their own questions- What is your favourite transformer, dinosaur etc- using a picture tally chart the children poses their questions.Stats Maths Week 2
They work with a buddy or independently to ask the class members and to record their answers in a tally chart.
Encourage the children to see groupings of 5 by using tally marks.

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