What is a triangle? What is the probability I will be attacked by a cow vs a shark? And other important questions.

  • Posted on: 7 April 2022
  • By: JessicaDewhurst
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This course will suit students who are planning to take an NCEA Level 1 maths course next year. It will suit students who are either in the second year of Level 5 maths or are only planning to complete one year of Level 5 maths before continuing to Level 6 maths.

During the first half of this term we will be exploring key concepts within Trigonometry such as Pythagoras’s Theorum and the Sine and Cosine rules. These will deepen our understanding of triangular shapes and allow us to solve real life problems (such as in construction and building).

For the second half of the term we will be delving into the world of statistics and probability.
Keen to up your skills in Board Games and school your friends?
Ever wondered what the correlation between consumption of cheese and the number of people who have died by becoming entangled in their bedsheets? (Hint: look at the graph)

In 5MAT we will look into ideas like these using key skills related to chance and data.

Students will need a maths book e.g. IE5 exercise book