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Demonstrate movement and improve your performance

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  • Posted on: 7 April 2022
  • By: AlexMckenzie
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For term two we have three awesome learning opportunities available.
We are going to use Table Tennis to:
- demonstrate movement skills (1.3)
- develop strategies to improve our performance and movement skills (1.6)

The ability to demonstrate movement (1.3), as well as develop strategies to improve movement (1.6) are crucial in physical education. Not only are they crucial, but to have the skills and knowledge to unpack Table Tennis gives you the opportunity to become a master, you will have the opportunity to improve with the support of your peers, as well as developing strategies.

There will be a mixture of practical learning and in class learning, so be ready to head to the gym, outside (most likely the balcony), or to the classroom (4.4).

We will also be spending time in the term working through our participation unit (1.1), incorporating in numerous different sports and activities. This will run for the remainder of 2022. (Linking with units of learning along the way).

Finally, we also have an amazing Google Classroom, where all information will be posted.

Our Google Classroom class code: jwivac4