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Taking Action for Social and Environmental Justice

  • Posted on: 7 April 2022
  • By: KateArmour
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This term we look into social and environmental justice and answer the following questions:
1) What are human rights?
2) What are the rights of other species?
3) What's fair? What isn't?
4) What are our responsibilities to each other and to other species?
5) What are our responsibilities under te ToW?
6) Why can there be no environmental justice without social justice?

This is your chance to take action of your choice and earn ncea credits at the same time.

You will:

1) work on your own or in a group to achieve your action;

2) be supported to identify an issue you are interested in;

3) undertake research and/or surveys to develop a plan of action;

4) carry out your action
5) reflect on the extent to which your action contributed to a sustainable future and/or social justice;

6) keep a logbook
; and
7) write or present a final report.

Past by actions by Ao Tawhiti students have included

- electricity conservation at home and school
-reduction of paper use by staff at school
-waste reduction at school
-a clothing swap
-stocking a foodbank
-volunteering at the city mission
-increasing the visibility of te reo Māori at school
-biking to school

- education awareness to prevent tourists feeding kea in Arthurs Pass
-writing to MPs
-raising money

Below are the EfS standard on offer. However, if you are more interested in social justice or animals rights you can do your action as a social studies standard instead. There are similar social studies standards at both level 2 and 3.

AS90810 Education for sustainability 2.1 Undertake a personal action, with reflection, that contributes to a sustainable future; Internal, 6 credits.
AS90828 Education for sustainability 3.1 Evaluate a personal action that contributes towards a sustainable future; Internal, 6 credits.

Assessment Opportunities: