Blue Climate Class: Hauora, Living Lightly, Manaakitanga, Rights and Justice

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  • Posted on: 7 April 2022
  • By: KateArmour
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What can we do about te huringa o te āhuarangi / climate change and adapting to a low-carbon future? We can take individual actions, but we can also challenge “the way it is” to make a social change.

Starting with the individual, we discover new ways of living more lightly on the Earth, while managing our hauora and anxieties for the future. What should we value? How should we live? You’ll look at your own lives, habits, and values, and develop a SMART plan to make a personal change for your own wellbeing using the Te Whare Tapa Wha model.

At the same time, we’ll discover what others are doing to reduce their emissions and have fun learning some well-being and low-carbon skills ourselves! Together, we'll choose one or two activities to try each week from the following list (or any others you suggest):

*How to harness solar power
*How to reduce electricity use at school and home
*What electric vehicles have to offer
*How to cook and bake using plant-based ingredients
*How to darn socks and patch clothes
*How to relax with yoga and meditation
*How to grow your own food (Maybe not? It’ll be winter)
*How to reduce packaging in your life

Beyond the individual, how can we show manaakitanga by looking after others? How can we change systems, governments and organisations to recognise the rights of humans and other species threatened by climate change? What are rights based ethics? How can we achieve climate justice? Using the student strikes for Climate (SS4C) as an example, we will look at how the ideas and actions of rangatahi/young people are trying to bring about change.

Skills: Goal setting, planning, logging progress, critically reflecting, report writing, some or all of the “low-carbon” skills above!

Note: as well as offering two new standards this term, we will keep adding to our reading, writing and speaking portfolios throughout the term. Some of you have nearly completed this.

AS 90971 Health Internal Level 1: 3 credits (literacy) Take Action to Enhance an Aspect of Personal Well-Being
AS 91043 Social Studies Internal Level 1: 4 credits Describe a Social Justice and Human Rights ActionPlease write blurb about what student will be doing in this course.

Include any links to google classroom / zoom / any other essential resources.

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