8BIO - Plant and Animal responses to the environment

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  • Posted on: 7 April 2022
  • By: JessicaDewhurst
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This term we will be exploring how plants and animals are adapted to their given niche within an ecosystem and how they respond to changes in the environment. Examples of what we will look at are but not limited to:
- How plants know when to flower
- How seedlings know which way is up
- Why males and females of certain species look so different
- How organisms know where to migrate to

We will also be learning how to set up and run a practical investigation looking at plant responses to the environment.

We will working towards the content needed for:
AS91603 3.3 Plant and Animal Responses, External, 5 Credits
AS91601 3.1 Practical Investigation, Internal, 4 Credits (we won’t be carrying out the investigation until the beginning of term 3).

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