It's on like Ping Pong!

  • Posted on: 7 April 2022
  • By: SteveHunt
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Table tennis is a great sport for all! For some sports it's a huge advantage if you are tall, strong, a fast runner or are built like Jonah Lomu - none of these things really help much at all with table tennis! It's a great sport for all to play, so regardless of if you are a first timer, or have played lots before, if you're interested in table tennis sign up and join us.

As well as playing lots of table tennis, we will also be looking at different approaches to learning. We will do some compare and contrast between techniques and critique which works best for you.

2 of the three sessions each week will be practical sessions in the gym and one will be a classroom theory session.

Due to pressure of numbers, all of our table tennis will be doubles (no singles), and the class size will be limited, so please only choose this option if you are keen to engage and make the most of the opportunity.