Digital Art for Beginners - (focus on film)

  • Posted on: 31 March 2022
  • By: richardpitts
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Students in the course will learn the basics of drawing fundamentals, storyboarding and digital graphic design, with the aim of eventually working towards a number of Level One NCEA standards in Media Studies and English (creating a visual text, or creating a design for a short film).

Bring along your own device capable of filming and/or editing (a phone with a reasonable camera is fine, as is a mildly powerful tablet/laptop).

Please note - this is not digital art for SDL, where you will just work on your own projects. If you're in this class, you'll be expected to engage in our learning activities (lots of little activities to increase your skills in digital art). If you have an existing digital art project in mind, please ask your LA about other options below.

Other options for students to engage in Digital Art:
*Beth does a more advanced class in the same block, for those aiming to complete some NCEA art standards digitally.
*Friday Hapori - Toi
*Friday Hapori - Takaro
*Or talk to your HBLA about an SDL art project!

Assessment Opportunities: