2022 Term 1 Year 5-6 STEAM/Play/Discovery/Inquiry

  • Posted on: 17 February 2022
  • By: DeborahDunlop


Shared Focus : Place based learning. Understanding the history of the land beneath our feet and the stories and values of the people who have been before us. To learn about collective decision making and then design and implement a meaningful social action based on our explorations and values.

CAC Mondays
Term 1
WALT gain a greater understanding of tikanga and how Māori interacted with their environment to meet their needs.
Term 2
WALT discover different ways that people remember and record the past
WALT explore different sets of values including understanding our own
Term 3
WALT participate in decision making processes in Otautahi about access to and use of resources
Term 4
WALT take appropriate social action towards a desired outcome

PLAY - Participate in Nature Play days or alike with their whanau, Engage in HB invitations and be self-directed in the environment. Student-Led Workshops
STEAM - Explore/Investigate to test/learn and evaluate/reflect design/concepts for potential outcomes/purpose,
DISCOVERY/INQUIRY - achievement of IEM goals/Science Badge

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