Week 1 Launch - Thursday 5 February

  • Posted on: 23 January 2015
  • By: melstopford

Our Goals for these two days...

  • to meet each other - students / HBLAs/ 10-13 LAs connected to community and Parent support,
  • to set up the community space (inside and out) and identify projects for developing this space to be the best fit for us as learners,
  • to learn more about our environment - Dovedale site and Dovedale Community,
  • to choose an HBLA and set up an IEM time over week 2,
  • to build an better understanding of our community language,
  • to set up norms for working together successfully as a learning community

9:00am - Roll call in temp HB9:10am - Building on from our key ideas the day before, making decisions based on our collective voice - Community space, community culture, outside space etc etc10:00am - How the Unlimited Schedule Works - share with the whole group this so that they can look over it in the weekend if interested for their IEMs next week. Explain IEM process.10:30am -Break11:00am - Amazing Race12:00pm Checkpoint for lunch at school1:00pm - Amazing Race Continued2:00pm - Reflections (do we have some guidelines for this?)2:30pm - student selection of HBLAs3:00pm - End of day