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Week 1 Launch

  • Posted on: 23 January 2015
  • By: melstopford

Our Goals for these two days...

to meet each other - students / HBLAs/ 10-13 LAs connected to community and Parent support, to set up the community space (inside and out) and identify projects for developing this space to be the best fit for us as learners, to learn more about our environment - Dovedale site and Dovedale Community, to choose an HBLA and set up an IEM time over week 2, to build an better understanding of our community language, to set up norms for working together successfully as a learning community

Wednesday 4th Feb
9am - Mihi Mihi by Mel (images) and introduction of our team
9:10am - Mel to go over our plan for the next two days - go to Community Page for this
9:30am - Icebreaker
Purpose to build connections across student body
--Suggestions - 6x activities that rotate every 10mins, Game of have you eva, groups mix every rotation - colour coded dots, (invite parents to be part of this and support crew for the six teams)
10:30am - Morning tea - baking anybody, (get plenty of milk for visitors over these two days)
11:00am - Design the Space
In groups, draw our learning space (inside, outside), what will we do in the space, present back to the large group
Process - 9 corners - 9 key questions for groups to contribute to on large sheets of paper
1) How do you learn best (i.e. do you like a quiet space, a chatty space, on the floor, at a desk, inside, outside, dark, light, warm, cool, at home, online, etc etc)
2) How do you like to be treated as a learner (by your peers, by LAs, by visitors, by parents visiting), what are some ground rules for our community?
3) What should our outside environment look like?
4) What are your passions / strengths? (I love working with horses, I love sports, I'm great at coding, I'm an awesome problem solver, I'm a great listener, ... )
5) What are some concerns / challenges you are facing that are important to raise? (our space, our location, transport, friendships, maths, writing, homebase selection, etc etc)
6) What should our main part of our learning community look like?
7) What should our smaller learning community look like (consider all three rooms)
8) What do we mean by these terms? Add your ideas on a post it note
- Passions / Interests / Needs?
- Self directed learning
- IEMs / IEPs / 1-1s
- Community LAs
9) Curriculum Wheel - favourite learning area - blue dots, least favourite - yellow dots