7 and 8ART studio residency year two and Three

  • Posted on: 31 January 2022
  • By: JonJeet
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This course runs for a full year and ends at the beginning of term 4. Level 7 and 8 students will have an opportunity to explore and develop their skills. In the first part of the term, we will discuss and look at themes of interest to you, themes that tickle your curiosity, themes that say this is me or this is what I like. Once you have found a source of inspiration, a muse to keep you invested, to keep you coming back to OUR studio space. I will be interested in knowing what YOU liked and what YOU think worked in your first portfolio project prior joining this residency. Level 7 students will have the added luxury of being able to generate works from 5 disciplines (please choose 1 discipline to build a body of work throughout the year). We will be critiquing YOUR previous works from Level 6 and 7 to gage whether there is scope to build and generate future works, or whether it is time to start afresh with a blank canvas. These disciplines are, Painting, printmaking, photography, design and sculpture. What will be your medium of choice to visually communicate the YOU of 2022?

This course will build on a strong foundation of skills to be able to continue on to Level 3 NCEA. You need to be able to commit to a process of learning so that your skills can develop further. This process is something that we both will be exploring and, in many instances, you will be teaching me based on the development of YOUR art making practice and additional research that I may not be aware of (I understand that this is a given). This course will give 8ART students the ability to continue on to tertiary study as well as developing your own practice. I will be generating and showcasing some of my work this year to give you an idea as to the many influences that have contributed to make the work mine.

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