The makings of your first Art portfolio

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  • Posted on: 31 January 2022
  • By: JonJeet
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This course runs for a full year and ends at the beginning of term 4. Level 6 students will have an opportunity to explore and develop their skills. In the first part of the term, we will discuss and look at themes of interest to you, themes that tickle your curiosity, themes that say this is me or this is what I like. Once you have found a source of inspiration, a muse to keep you invested, to keep you coming back to OUR studio space, you will start the process of generating works (Please note some of these works will be displayed in a portfolio). You will be using a variety of mediums from dry to wet. We will look at artist models who have employed motifs, or themes similar to what you are interested in.

This course will build a strong foundation of skills to be able to continue on to Level 2 NCEA. You don’t have to be great at drawing to do this course, you do need to be able to commit to a process of learning so that your skills can develop. Art making is fun and open to endless possibilities, something that I personally love doing, and can’t wait to share my passion with you. I will be generating and showcasing some of my work this year to give you an idea as to the many influences that have contributed to make the work mine.

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