How to Adult 2022 term 2

  • Posted on: 31 January 2022
  • By: kirstymcmillan
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In term 2 we will focus on: life beyond school
work and study - this will include:
a work-ready barista course
1st aid (postponed from term one)
tertiary education visits
potentially a life skills course if there is interest
goal-setting and study skills

In term one we explored:the future
our strengths, emotions, the future of work and life, nutrition, cooking and shopping on a budget, Covey's 7 habits of highly effective people, Seligman's Positive Psychology, the circles of control and influence, and unwinding through nature - tree climbing in the gardens. Some students also completed a leadership course.

A co-constructed course focusing on what you would like to learn to gain confidence and adult skills including...

How to chop up an onion without crying
How to sew a button on a shirt
How to budget and save money
How to go flatting
What to do if you're arrested
Your human rights
Basic first aid
How to grow vegetables
How to vote
How to get your learner drivers licence
How to get a job
How to flourish
How to adult

The youtube clip 'Don't stay in school' which argues for schools to teach real life skills has gone viral for a reason. See:

In this course we will co-create our learning plan of practical life skills. This is an assessment-free class although students will be able to complete a related First Aid course following the course.

Assessment Opportunities: