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6MAT - Maths with Jess

Course Overview

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This course is set up for students who are aiming to obtain 10 NCEA Level 1 numeracy credits. It is designed to give time to process and grasp the useful and essential concepts within Mathematics.

We will spend term one exploring all things number related. This includes Fractions, Percentages, and working with money.

During term two for measurement we will solve real world problems using skills such as calculating area, volume and perimeter, applying metric units, and making conversions.

For term three, we will learn how to run probability games - building our understanding of chance and managing data.

Term 1: Numeric reasoning AS 91026 Internal 4 Credits

Term 2: Apply Measurement in Solving Problems AS 91030 Internal 4 Credits

Term 3: Investigate a Situation Using Elements of Chance AS 91038 Internal 4 Credits

Term 4: catch ups/reassessments

Courses offered per block.

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