8 Biology 2022

Course Overview

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Level 8 Biology covers a wide range of biological contexts ranging from human biology and evolution to how the environment impacts plants and animals alike. We also explore how scientific issues can have an impact on society.

While the content of this course does not directly lead on from level 7 biology, it is helpful to have completed some form of science up to Level 7. There is also a strong emphasis on literacy skills in this course and there are UE literacy reading and/or writing credits available from most standards.

Please contact Jess D if you have any questions or would like to discuss the course in more detail.

Year overview:

Term 1:
3.4 Homeostasis (Internal 3 credits)
3.2 Socio-Scientific Issue (Internal 3 credits)

Term 2:
3.3 Plant and Animal responses to the environment (External 5 Credits)
Pre teaching for 3.1 Practical Investigation (Internal 4 Credits)

Term 3:
Carry out a 3.1 Practical Investigation (Internal 4 Credits)
3.6 Human Evolution (External 4 credits)

Term 4:
Revision for exams

Optional Extra Internal:
3.7 Genetic Transfer (Internal 3 credits)

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
8BIO Human Evolution and Practical InvestigationJESD32022
8BIO - Plant and Animal responses to the environmentJESD22022
8BIO - Biology Term 1 2022JESD12022