Organic chemistry: it's alkynes of fun!

  • Posted on: 24 January 2022
  • By: ZackWilliams
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We will focus on organic chemistry - ­no, not the study of organic foods, but the study of carbon-containing molecules. We will try for ourselves the many chemical reactions that can be done with these organic compounds to make useful things. We'll have lots of opportunities to look at real-world problems linked to organic chemistry (such as CFCs and their connection with the hole in the ozone layer) and how organic chemistry can be used to invent solutions to problems ranging from environmental to health.

This term will be “alkynes” of fun, so hopefully no one will be “diene” of boredom.

There is an external assessment opportunity (AS91165) worth four credits.

QUANTITATIVE CHEMISTRY (weeks 8-10, and concluding in Term 2)
Titrations are used in a wide range of jobs, from wine and cheese preparation, monitoring the pH of aquatic environments, to blood sugar testing.

We will learn how to perform titrations, a fun, precise technique to quantify substances. We will then need to use stoichiometric principles and maths to calculate the concentrations of substances with our titration data. This unit is a great mix of developing lots of essential lab skills along with chemical concepts.

There is an internal assessment opportunity worth four credits.

Assessment Opportunities: