Life: it's all connected

  • Posted on: 21 December 2021
  • By: KateArmour
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We have some awesome plant and animal taonga in Aotearoa New Zealand. Join me in this block where we will describe and explain how science groups living things, and how our plants and animals "arrived" and thrived by adapting to the environment. Change is inevitable. How have plants and animals responded to natural changes and changes causes by us? What can we do to be good kaitiaki or guardians of the plants and animals around us?

Our focus will be Aotearoa/New Zealand, however, you will also undertake a piece of research on a habitat of your choice from anywhere in the world. Think Antarctica, the Brazilian Rainforests, the Gobi Desert, The Okavango Delta or the Australian outback: the choice is yours. This research will be presented to the class as slide show, poster, or short film.

1) Ongoing class tasks
2) Global habitat research and presentation
3) Choose a species or environment issue of concern to you, explore it and come up with some possible actions
4) Ōtakaro Avon River investigation

Google classroom code: 5phpci3