Movement for Badminton

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  • Posted on: 16 December 2021
  • By: AlexMckenzie
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In term one you will be learning about the biophysical principles (anatomy, biomechanics, skill learning and sport psychology) behind the movement of the body, by participating in both practical and theory sessions, using badminton as your context. To be successful in this course you need to have completed Level 1 (or level 2 if you’re intending to do Level 3) to a high level.

Level 2 (2.2) students will analyse a player who is new to badminton, who does not necessarily know the correct technique.

Level 3 (3.2) students will analyse a partner who has had some practice of the skill.

For both level 2 and 3 (2.4 and 3.4) there will also be a practical badminton assessment running alongside for you to gain 4 practical credits as well.

Level 2 PLEASE NOTE: There will be a third FULL YEAR assessment opportunity alongside the biophysical principles. This asks you to demonstrate social responsibility across numerous sporting contexts. This will be discussed in class.

Lastly, we will have a Gooogle Classroom site set up where all class information will be posted

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Class code: 53sinpw