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Putting the Astro in Astrobiology

  • Posted on: 13 December 2021
  • By: MattParkes
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The history and development of the whole universe, and how humans are limited in our ability to investigate and understand it. How are stars and planets born, and how and why do they die? How did biological life get started and where and how does it survive. We will also delve into the 'Copernican' and Cosmological principles - is there anything special about us or our planet?

L1 will focus on astronomical cycles and a specific space-science event.
L2 will look in more detail at how stars and planets form, live and die, and also think about the challenges for life on Mars and how they could be overcome. We will also do some practice towards external exams in November.
L3 will undertake independent study of an aspect of Astronomy of the their choice.

Assessments supported:
L1 - AS90954 (Sci 1.15) Demonstrate understanding of the effects of Astronomical cycles on planet Earth (4 credits, literacy)
L1 - AS90955 (Sci 1.16) Investigate an Astronomical or Earth Science event (4 credits, literacy)
L2 - AS91190 (ESS 2.4) Investigate how organisms survive in an extreme environment (4 credits, literacy)
L2 - EXTERNAL - AS91192 (ESS 2.6) Demonstrate understanding of stars and planetary systems (4 credits, literacy)
L3 - AS91415 (ESS 3.6) Investigate an aspect of Astronomy (4 credits, UE: R)

Potential camp - Tekapo.

Assessment Opportunities: