When Rūaumoko grows restless

  • Posted on: 13 December 2021
  • By: MattParkes
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IF the Earth is the only place in the Universe that life exists, then we need to get a better understanding of how our planet works, what is unusual or unique about it, and how this may have impacted on the development of life. What are the geological processes that drive the development of our planet? How do they affect humans and other animals. How can we estimate the ages of stars, planets and geological events?

Assessments supported:
L1 - AS90952: Demonstrate understanding of the formation of surface features in New Zealand (4 credits, literacy)
L1 - AS90955 (Sci 1.16) Investigate an Astronomical or Earth Science event (4 credits, literacy)
L2 - AS91189 (ESS 2.3) Investigate geological processes in a New Zealand locality (4 credits, literacy)
L2 - EXTERNAL - AS91191 (ESS 2.5) Demonstrate understanding of the causes of extreme Earth events in New Zealand (4 credits, literacy)
L3 - EXTERNAL - AS91413 (ESS 3.4) Demonstrate understanding of processes in the ocean system (4 credits, UE: R&W)
L3 - EXTERNAL - AS91414 (ESS 3.5) Demonstrate understanding of processes in the atmosphere system (4 credits, UE: R&W)
Potential camp - Banks Peninsula

Assessment Opportunities: